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CulvertDB - C# Object Database

CulvertDB is a lightweight embedded object oriented database with concurrency control written in C#. By utilizing .NET serialization, CulvertDB can persist complex types without the need to manage external DB software or schemas.

HTTP Directory Traversal Scanner
As the name says HTTP Directory Traversal Scanner detects directory traversal vulnerabilities in HTTP server applications.
Fiddler XSRF Inspector

Fiddler XSRF Inspector is a plugin for Fiddler 2 that extracts cross-site request forgery attacks from HTTP requests.

Javascript Keylogger

Hooks the inputs of an HTML page and relays the keystrokes using iframes. Capable of replacing the target page with another from the same domain. Includes samples and HTTP servers written in C# and python configured to generate keystroke reports.

By utilizing LINQ to SQL classes (made by either the designer or SqlMetal), WCFMetal generates configurable, extensible WCF based data access web services. The services created provide Load, Save, and Delete functionality to client applications.
RIO - Remote Shell
RIO is a lightweight, flexible remote command line utility for Microsoft windows with support for simultaneous administration of several clients. There are multiple versions of RIO, each with differing behavior.
C# TFTP Client
A simple TFTP client class written in C#/.NET. Fully RFC compliant with support for Block Size and Transfer Size.